Mirrors Of The Month: Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but don't despair, we're here to help you find the perfect gift.

With shops across the country stocking mass-produced plastic tat, finding a unique and thoughtful gift for Fathers Day has become somewhat of a challenge. Dads deserve to know how much we care about them, so picking a unique gift that stands out from the crowd is essential.

In today's article, we'll explore some vintage advertising mirrors that dads around the world are sure to love. What's more, these mirrors are a sustainable gift idea that will last many years and look great in the home, office, man cave or any room you prefer.

Stewart’s Scotch Whisky Advertising Mirror

Stunning mid-century Stewart’s Edinburgh Scotch whisky mirror featuring a perfect image of the historical Scottish design, elegant Victorian style font in a selection of different styles with vivid finish.


This fantastic mid-century Stewart’s Whisky mirror features beautiful advertising details with bold fonts, vivid colours, and a stunning emblem of the thistle and crown. 

The Stewart’s whisky company started in 1779 and was a pioneer of the import and export trade.

Before Prohibition, Stewart’s was famous as a premium blend in the US and was a favourite of banker and financier JP Morgan.

Art Deco Gentleman Mirror

Unique mid-century art deco fashion advertising mirror featuring a man wearing a fashionable cream suit


This wonderful fashion advertising mirror showcases a smart-looking gentleman in a cream suit, shirt and tie, trilby hat, and highly polished shoes.

It is the perfect option for a fashion-conscious dad and would look fantastic in a bedroom or dressing room.

This mirror was sourced from a traditional tailor shop, it's a great nostalgic piece that's full of history.

Royal Scot Steam Train Mirror

The London, Midland and Scottish Railway mirror, showing the Royal Scot 3 cylinder steam train


Model railways and train spotting have been a popular pastimes for dads for almost as long as trains have existed.

With enthusiasts collecting everything from models to ticket stubs, This Royal Scot mirror would be a great addition to any collection.

The Royal Scot, built in 1927, was the first of a new breed of steam locomotives made by the LMS for its fastest passenger services from London to Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow. She was rebuilt by British Railways in 1950 and served another 12 years in traffic on the West Coast Main Line before being retired in October 1962.

Carlsberg Collector’s Edition Pub Mirror

Vintage Carlsberg Collector’s Edition Advertising Pub Mirror


Most dads love a good pint at the end of a hard week, so we just had to get a pub mirror on our list. So for the best dad in the world, we present Carlsberg, "Probably the best lager in the world".

Carlsberg is a Danish brewery founded in 1847 by J.C Jacobsen; the company was created in Copenhagen. The company employs around 41,000 people, primarily in Europe and Asia and is currently the 6th largest brewery in the world.

We want to wish you a fantastic Father’s Day

We hope you enjoyed our selection of mirrors and that you found the perfect gift idea for your Dad. If not, we have many more options that might do the trick in our pub mirror collection.

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